Meet our executive board


Emily Aure


Emily joined the CPNS community a little over 4 years ago when her son was a student in the 3's class. She has been working in early childhood education for twenty years, in a variety of roles, including both classroom teacher and music and movement specialist. Emily also has a master's degree in theatre education. Her hobbies include hiking and singing tenor with a competitive amateur barbershop quartet.


Nicole Inouye



Amelia Rome



I'm Amelia, mom of two boys, aged 2 and 5. My husband and I both grew up in Clifton Park and recognized "The Little Red Schoolhouse" as a fixture in our community. We are so thankful to be part of the CPNS community! Prior to having children, I was an elementary school French teacher, and also worked for an IT consulting company. In my free time I enjoy reading and running.


Paulina Fernandez


I joined CPNS in 2018 when my son was in the 2's class because I was looking for an opportunity for both of us to socialize more.  What started as a small toddler playgroup turned into a mom and tot friend group that has grown as our kids aged out of CPNS and into elementary.

I joined the board for CPNS because I believe that cooperative preschools are a valuable resource not only for children but for parents too. It's a way to model community for our children as well as a beautiful way to walk along our little ones on their learning journey.


Sarah and Jay Koumourdas

Fundraising Chair

Carly Lemire-Lake


Cooperative preschools are run by the families enrolled. Being part of the board is just one of the ways in which families are involved in the education of their children. Being present in the classroom and being able to shape their earliest educational experience is one of the greatest gifts. We are always looking for new board members who have a passion for community led education and community building, and we'll be happy to have you as part of our school. Board positions open often due to the short duration of preschool education, so if you're interested in getting involved with our school we're always happy to welcome new board members!