2/3 year old class

Maximum of 10 children in the class.

Ratio 1:5

This exciting class for younger children gives them a special place to explore new experiences, expand socialization skills, and become familiar with the classroom atmosphere, with or without a parent to 'hold their hand'.


3/4 year old class

Maximum of 13 children per class

Maximum ratio 2:13

This class is designed to promote age-appropriate learning and development, including both structured and unstructured activity.


4 year olds

Max:  13 children per class

Max ratio of  2:13

This class is designed to facilitate kindergarten readiness by offering opportunities to build crucial skills in a fun play-based environment.


   A cooperative program is unique and provides our children with the most enriching nursery school experience. The cooperative nature of the school means our parents and caregivers are much more involved in their child's nursery school experience. Part of our cooperative arrangement is the role of 'helper parent' which is the unique opportunity to participate in your child's first school experience. Commitment is usually no more than once a month and can be fulfilled by parents, grandparents or other caregivers.  The cooperative allows parents to be present and engaged in their child's school to ensure they are getting what they need, and to build confidence as they venture into kindergarten.

Parents assist both in the classroom and as managers of our school.  To find out more about your role contact our registrar.