Our Philosophy

Children learn authentically through rich play-based experiences.  With the support of our teacher and other parents you will help the children learn and grow in a supportive, caring environment.



Our School
We are housed in a historic one-room schoolhouse that has been used exclusively for education purposes since its construction. Clifton Park Nursery School has been a cooperative school since 1960, and is one of the last in the area.  Our classroom environment is carefully designed to stimulate creative and self-directed play for young children.


Our Mission
Our mission, beyond early childhood education, is to create a school community made up of the teacher, parents, children, and alumni.  This community is a wonderful source of friendships, parent education, local opportunities, and much needed support we all need as caregivers of young children!



Current parent: 
When searching for a preschool for my 3 – year old son, we were immediately drawn to the adorable, intimate and cozy little red schoolhouse, Clifton Park Nursery School. When we went to the open house, our extremely reserved son blew us away with his immediate comfort and excitement. He was running around and playing with the unique toys inside and the adorable outside play ground. We knew instantly that this was the spot for him.
  When I learned it was a co-op nursery school, I was very nervous that we were not going to be able to make it work. My husband and I both work full time and I commute over an hour away. When I spoke to the registrar, who was a parent, about my concerns, she instantly calmed my worries. She explained that the parents work as a team to support one another and that they want working families to feel welcome. After completing our first year, I can say this is absolutely true. The teacher and parents were always more than willing to accommodate our working schedule. Everyone has a very flexible and laid back approach. It is a wonderful little community to be a part of.
  As a parent, when you are looking for a preschool, the most critical factor in your decision is the teacher. Every parent has an idea of what they want in a teacher for their child. In no exaggeration, Ms. Nora is exactly what every parent is looking for.  It is hard to put in words how truly wonderful she is. She is gentle and kind, yet sets clear and firm expectations. Her presence is calming and welcoming. The students do amazing projects, that showcase her own artistic talent and creativity. Her knowledge and experience with this age group is apparent and very comforting.  Her focus is learning through play, fostering social interaction and introducing them to fun, new topics. But the biggest testament to her character, the kids adore her. That simple.  Overall, I cannot say enough positive things about our experience at the Clifton Park Nursery School. It was the perfect environment to introduce our son to school in a positive and fun way. He loved attending every Tuesday and Thursday. He would have happily gone every day.


CPNS is a warm and welcoming environment for young children and their families. Children are encouraged to develop creativity and innovation in their play, all while practicing social and emotional skills in a safe risk-taking atmosphere. My son has grown tremendously in all domains just after a few short months in the 2/3 year old program and we are excited to have him continue his nursery school experience there. Highly recommend!