Our Teacher

Clifton Park Nursery School is welcoming a new teacher this year who comes to us from within! Nora Jenkins has already been working as a parent helper and board member at the school for two years and is excited to step into her new role as teacher for our two’s, three’s, and four-year-old classes.

Nora holds a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, and a Masters in Education, she has worked with children of all ages in a variety of settings. Nora feels that a strong preschool education begins with a foundation of play and experimentation. Her fine arts background influences her classroom environment and children can expect to find creative pursuits every day. A love of children’s literature drives Nora to explore new books with each age-level throughout the year.

Children and parents can expect a classroom based on an experiential learning model with learning scenarios that flow with the changing of the seasons and the happenings in the natural world. Nora prefers to use natural toys and supplies in the classroom whenever possible and strives to help children explore the natural world through materials and outdoor play.

Nora Jenkins